How to own a car ?!

Around this day, Ministry of Land Transport of Myanmar announced a new tax charging system on vehicles. For the car which have engine size 1350 cc and under the size, the buyer has to pay the tax 30 percent of original buying price (which is 50 percent in the past) from global market for local registration.
For between 1351 and 2000 cc, registration tax reduced from 80 to 50 percent of original price. For between 2001 and 5000 cc engine size cars, tax is reduced from 100 to 80 percent of original price.

It is the good news for car buyers because they have to pay less tax for local registration. But there only few people in Myanmar can buy the cars. Reducing tax is not much lower also, but it would save 20 Lakh of Kyat at least for 1300 cc engine size car buyers, and it would save more than hundred lakh of kyat for luxury car buyers. What I see is –

- Ministry of land transport of Myanmar reduced the tax in order to get more tax because car buyers in Myanmar would increase a little bit.
- Reducing tax in car is just a game that desn't effect poor people in positive way in the country because only rich people can play in it.

Car population on the city seems to increase higher than before in the past. Actually the government should have first manages the city to reduce traffic and air pollution. As reducing the tax, air and noise

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